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Roses are red
Violets are blue.
And I have to say,
I lOve yoU.
It all started on that day,
When you walked mE home
In the Rain.
It was such a small gesture,
But iT meant the World to me.
And I kneW from that Moment,
Who I waNted to be.
Your blAck hair,
YOur blue eyes.
I know that they hold
No Lies.
I loVe you wiTh all my heart,
And I hoPe this can be A frEsh starT.
You are iN my class at school.
So I can Watch you aLl day long.
But don't call me a Fool,
BecauSe I seE that nOte for soMeone else.
You loOk at tHat othEr girL,
The Way I looK at yOU.
But I doN't uNdErstanD,
DoN't you LoVe me tOO?
I PromiSe to bE gOOD,
ThoUgh most wouLd say otherwise.
I guess I'm jUSt misunderstood.
But Aren't we all?
So PLease stoP lookiNg at HER,
BecauSe someTHING in me will stIr
And I wilL have to Do SOmething
About It.
You're gOing hoMe tHE wronG way.
YoU go leFt when you shOUld go rigHt.
And I've KNown that since May.
But HER house is thAt WaY,
ANd I NO lonGer sEE the liGht.
GOOd thINg I brOUGht my tOOL
:iconwintersakura101:WinterSakura101 3 5
The Angel and the Man by WinterSakura101 The Angel and the Man :iconwintersakura101:WinterSakura101 5 1
DMC Collab Thingy With Frosty
Dante regarded this woman as he considered the compromise. Ten grand would be enough to get Lady off of his back for a while, but it still left him with close to nothing for himself. Damn women, always taking everything, thinking that they can control everything. Who the hell do they think—?
Eve cleared her throat when she noticed this strange Dante character zoning out. The owner of the odd-job shop, Devil May Cry, looked back up at her. "Make that pizza and sundaes for a week." He said, winking back at her.
It was obvious now that Dante was not going to make this easy for Eve who was trying her best not to smack him upside the head. Apparently he was just that much in debt and that stubborn about getting more out of this than what was originally offered. Eve sighed, defeated. "Fine." She said "I'm feeling generous today. All the unhealthy food you can eat for a week." Mainly she just didn't want to be yelled at by Thad Everhart.
Dante smiled in triumph and sat properly, leaning
:iconwintersakura101:WinterSakura101 2 6
The Witch in Us All by WinterSakura101 The Witch in Us All :iconwintersakura101:WinterSakura101 1 0
DMC: Feather Wings- Job 2
Job Two: Red
The demon birds rushed at Dante who showered them with bullets. The first row of birds pulled back as the bullets plunged into their feathered bodies and knocked into their other colleagues. The eight tumbled to the ground in a cloud of feathers.
Dante sighed "You guys aren't very organized are you?" He pointed Ivory at the nearest demon and shot it in the head until it shuttered and went still.
By then, the other seven birds had gained their balance and now came towards Dante, slowly surrounding the demon hunter. "That's more I like it." Dante smirked and jumped into the air as one of the demons smashed its beak into the ground right where he had been. He pointed both guns at the attacking bird and fired. The demons scattered to dodge the on-coming bullets and flew into the air. Dante lost his aim as the demons stirred up large gusts of wind which crashed into him, sending him flying towards the entrance. He landed on his feet and skidded to a stop.
The demons screeched l
:iconwintersakura101:WinterSakura101 2 4
DMC: Feathered Wings- Job 1
This world is infested with demons, and everyone knows it. Once upon a time the majority thought demons were just myths used to scare little children. Some still turned a blind eye to the truth. Some still believe that everything Sparda did for the world was just a story.
But that great demon wasn't just a story, and neither were his twin sons. More than ever the number of demon attacks have increased in the past years and Sparda's demon hunter son was getting more work than ever before.
Like I said: everyone knows about demons. But what about angels? Do these winged creatures exist?  Or are they just a myth? Well I can tell you that angels do exist and that the entire world has turned a blind eye to them. That includes both humans and demons. Not many still live in this ever growing world of demons, but they are still out there in the world.
So don't be fooled when someone tells you there are no such things as angels. Because after all; the devil was an angel too.
:iconwintersakura101:WinterSakura101 8 10
Dante and Nero by WinterSakura101 Dante and Nero :iconwintersakura101:WinterSakura101 1 5 Dante Avatar by WinterSakura101 Dante Avatar :iconwintersakura101:WinterSakura101 5 1
Opolis- The Warrior
There was a flash of light as I awoke from my dream. I opened my eyes and more blinded light. Moaning, I closed my eyes again and rolled out of bed, hitting the wooden floor hard. Grumbling to myself and rubbing my head, I opened my eyes again. The sun was shining right on my pillow and I stood up to close the curtain. My room was dark once again; the way I liked it.
I sat on my bed again I wiped sleep away from my eyes. "Yet another memory." I whispered to myself. That's all I dreamt now; my past. This time it was about when I had met the Singer who had opened my Voice. "Fortis." It was a good thing I didn't dream of anything else though. Singers who dream not of themselves see visions and I heard that these visions drive some people crazy. I planned on keeping my sanity.
Once I had collected myself, I walked to by closet and grabbed some clothes. I showered quickly and dried my long black hair that went down to my waist. I brushed my bangs away from my face and my ocean-blue eyes sta
:iconwintersakura101:WinterSakura101 1 3
Opolis- Song of Wind and Heart
    Wind blew through the lush green fields. I could hear the rustle of the tall grass in the wind and the slight flow of the stream nearby. Beyond the fields, the water, and the dirt paths lay the great town of Opolis. It was the only city that within miles and was home to a large percent of the population.
My dream was to go to Opolis, at least once. We had many merchants from the great city come to collect our wool and cotton for clothes. I always used to help my father collecting the small white balls of cotton in the fields and I also tended the sheep.
Now a sheep wedged its head between my side and my arm. I smiled down at it and stroked its soft wool. "You will give us a lot of money." I said softly to it. "I've never felt wool this soft before."
The sheep's ears twitched and it released itself from my arm to join the rest of the herd. I giggled and ran back to the small hut, by red dress whipping around my legs from the wind. As I ran I saw a horse drawn cart
:iconwintersakura101:WinterSakura101 0 2
Opolis- Songs
Songs. Everyone knows about the power they possess. Songs open they key to the singer's soul and unleash its power.
Singers must have a strong heart. To have a strong heart you must have strong soul. The stronger the heart, the more melodic the song. With a strong melody, a voice can resonate a great distance and can pierce the tainted.
Those who are tainted have darkness that has consumed their hearts. When someone is tainted, their hearts cannot hear the Songs. They forget the Songs and lose their soul to the darkness. A Singer's voice can resonate within the Tainted and drive away the darkness and madness. But the darkness is not as helpless as it seems.
Warriors are those who were not gifted with a Voice but still seek the Tainted. The darkness seeks to destroy the Songs and the people who tell their story. While Singers are very powerful, a Warrior is always there to protect their Singer.
This is what I learned at an early age, what everyone learned at an early age. You can only s
:iconwintersakura101:WinterSakura101 1 7
Groupie Time by WinterSakura101 Groupie Time :iconwintersakura101:WinterSakura101 0 0 L Stares Into Your SOUL by WinterSakura101 L Stares Into Your SOUL :iconwintersakura101:WinterSakura101 0 3 apeSephiroth Wallpaper by WinterSakura101 apeSephiroth Wallpaper :iconwintersakura101:WinterSakura101 9 8 Red and Blue Blades by WinterSakura101 Red and Blue Blades :iconwintersakura101:WinterSakura101 1 0 Quoting Kusuriuri by WinterSakura101 Quoting Kusuriuri :iconwintersakura101:WinterSakura101 10 5
filled with many anime things... mainly Code Geass


Res Evil Timeline Wallpaper by Crash36 Res Evil Timeline Wallpaper :iconcrash36:Crash36 9 4 Leon S. Kennedy - RE6 by Link-LeoB Leon S. Kennedy - RE6 :iconlink-leob:Link-LeoB 78 9 Leon S. Kennedy BG by LightExorcist Leon S. Kennedy BG :iconlightexorcist:LightExorcist 54 14 survive -Leon S. Kennedy- by QuidxProxQuo survive -Leon S. Kennedy- :iconquidxproxquo:QuidxProxQuo 70 11 Leon Sexy Kennedy by Daphnecool Leon Sexy Kennedy :icondaphnecool:Daphnecool 161 72 Leon S. Kennedy RE OJ by Claire-Wesker1 Leon S. Kennedy RE OJ :iconclaire-wesker1:Claire-Wesker1 289 43 Dance with the Devil by Nero-Chan95 Dance with the Devil :iconnero-chan95:Nero-Chan95 18 2 Devil May Cry 3 - Dante by Virus-AC Devil May Cry 3 - Dante :iconvirus-ac:Virus-AC 14,846 674 THEY SIGNED IT! by codeshinja THEY SIGNED IT! :iconcodeshinja:codeshinja 11 29 Dante Stamp by Captain-AlbertWesker Dante Stamp :iconcaptain-albertwesker:Captain-AlbertWesker 398 501 the original after i painted it in. by XxGodOfFearxX the original after i painted it in. :iconxxgodoffearxx:XxGodOfFearxX 41 19 Fate Zero: To the Beginning by kaiya-02 Fate Zero: To the Beginning :iconkaiya-02:kaiya-02 136 8 Home made Kara no Kyoukai DVD box 7 by Daisukenn Home made Kara no Kyoukai DVD box 7 :icondaisukenn:Daisukenn 4 8 Fate/Stay Night - Saber - ECG 2012 by Calssara Fate/Stay Night - Saber - ECG 2012 :iconcalssara:Calssara 512 197 lolita saber alter 2 by Godling-Studio lolita saber alter 2 :icongodling-studio:Godling-Studio 316 30
Some awesome artwork by some awesome people! Usually of animes I am currently watching or, you guessed it, Code Geass.




United States
Favourite genre of music: Gothic Symphonic Power Metal (that is one genre folks)
Favourite photographer: Sparky
Favourite style of art: chibi
Operating System: say what?
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch
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Wallpaper of choice: SEPHIROTH
Skin of choice: i dont get it...
Favourite cartoon character: SEPHIROTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Personal Quote: Let's Rock, Baby!
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Wow I haven't been on here FOREVER. This is crazy. I blame school, specifically AP World History. Anyways I finally finished the Madoka picture I was doing that took me about half the year. Yay for being lazy.

So my Christmas was quite interesting. I went to California where there was 70 degree weather. Stupid dry cold =.= Anyways my aunt thought it would be a great idea for her to get me and all of my cousins Snuggies. I thought this was absolutely hilarious and I started reciting the 'WTF Blanket' commercial that you all should watch right now.… might I say that one size DOES NOT fit all and therefore makes it extremely more difficult to use than a regular blanket.

But I also got an iTouch for Christmas! Which is super exciting cause now I got the Devil May Cry 4 Refrain app which is as close to the playstation game as I'm gonna get and it's AWESOME. I can't stop playing it which has made me re-obsessed with Devil May Cry so you can expect Dante, Vergil, and Nero to raid my gallery again.

Aaaaaaand I was going to go on a big huge rant but I forgot all of it after watch the WTF Blanket again. Oh well.



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